M03 Tile Extrusion Machine
  10-36 tiles per minute output

  Proven Crank Action Technology

  Low Maintenance - Simple Operation

  Interchangeable Extrusion Head

Powel Automation's Type M03 Machine was designed specifically for the lower output concrete roof tile manufacturers and, by necessity, represents high performance with low investment.

The M03 has evolved from the well proven crank action tile extruders that have been used in the concrete roof tile industry for many years. With a production capacity of up to 36 tiles per minute it is the ideal choice for both established tile makers and for those taking their first steps into the industry

The pallets are driven through the machine by a pushing assembly mounted on a reciprocating carriage. This carriage is fully guided throughout its travel by hardened wear tracks and high quality roller follower bearings. The pallets are vertically guided by overhead rollers and their position is continually monitored by an electrical switch system. Pushing the pallets from underneath means that tile design is not dependent on the design of the pushing mechanism.

The machine utilises the same 'lift-in, lift-out', extrusion head as the higher output M04 and this head can be simply and quickly removed and replaced by another for making tiles of a different profile. Pallet tracking and side wear plates throughout the extrusion head are manufactured from tungsten carbide. After extrusion the tiles are cut to length by a pneumatically operated vertical cutting knife. This knife is lubricated automatically after every cutting operation, by an integral water spray unit.

Pallet tracking through the knife assembly is from underneath, thereby lessening the possibility of accidental damage to the edges of the newly formed tiles.

Technical Specifications

  • Output: 10 - 36 tiles per minute (adjusted by simple pulley change).
  • Main Drive: Up to 18kW through a 6000Nm helical bevel gearbox.
  • Roller Drive: Up to 18kW variable speed drive, universal shaft and quick release coupling.
  • Knife Assembly: Pneumatically operated vertical knife. Air requirement 3.2cfm (1.5Litres.sec) at 30 tiles per minute.
  • Tile Design: Double Roman, Bold Roll, Double Pantile, Flat Low Pitch, etc. Approximately 10 tiles per square metre (90 tiles per 100 square feet).

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