M11 Continous Action Machine
  60 - 120 tiles per minute output

  Constant Velocity Pusher Drive

  High Performance Machine

  Roll in - Roll out Extrusion Head

POWEL Automation's M11 Extrusion machine with constant velocity pusher drive, double knife assembly, quick change roll in - roll out extrusion head and separate power packs is built to the highest engineering standards. Tile makers will appreciate these and many other features that make this a true tile maker's tile machine.

Our company policy of continued research and development in association with our clients has ensured that in over 20 years of use, the M11 Series machines have become the world standard by which other extruders are judged. Ease of operation makes it the ideal choice for both new and experienced tile makers alike.

The M11 is a robustly constructed quality engineered machine. Prior to its manufacture additional features can be incorporated into the machine design to suit individual customer requirements.

The patented constant velocity drive system uses strong, wear resistant precision drive chains and pusher assemblies. It incorporates a unique adjustable cam track to ensure the smoothest possible under drive system available. Access for ease of cleaning and maintenance is achieved by using a built in winch to raise the infeed tracking assembly.

Special facilities for quick interchange of the extrusion head allows one tile profile to be changed for another in less than 5 minutes. Each head comes complete with its own maintenance trolley. These and other features result in a very efficient and therefore economic machine to operate.

The supplied maximum speed of the M11 is given at 120 tiles per minute. Many M11 machines are run far in excess of this and with stringent overall management of the raw materials and quality control, speeds close to 150 tiles per minute are being achieved.

Technical Specifications

  • Output: 60 - 120 concrete roof tiles per minute.
  • Main Drive: 11 - 18.5kW brake motor through 6000Nm helical bevel gearbox.
  • Roller Drive: 15 - 22kW variable speed drive, universal shaft and quick release coupling.
  • Knife Assembly: Double reciprocating knife assembly driven from the main drive shaft. Pneumatically operated vertical knives. Air requirement 10.5 cfm (4.9 Litres/sec) at 120 tiles per minute.
  • Tile Designs: Include: Double Roman, Bold Roll, Double Pantile, Flat Low Pitch etc., standard length 420mm. Special sizes and designs available by request. Approximately 10 tiles per square metre.

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