M12 Automatic Roof Tile Extruder
  100 - 160 tiles per minute output

  Constant Velocity Pusher Drive

  High Performance Machine

  Roll in - Roll out Extrusion Head

The Powel M12 is the machine for any company requiring simply the best roof tile extruder in the world.

The Powel M12 concrete roof tile extrusion machine has been proven at speeds in excess of 150 tiles per minute. This machine has been specifically designed to minimize the frequency and requirement for maintenance and makes the M12 ideal those manufacturers who require very high volume production on a multi shift basis. It can only be used in conjunction with high speed racking and packing equipment.

Our patented constant velocity drive system utilizes extra heavy duty and highly wear resistant drive chain, pusher assemblies and components. It also incorporates our unique adjustable cam track to ensure the smoothest possible high speed under drive system available.

Special facilities for the quick interchange of the extrusion head allows tile profile changes in less than five minutes. Additional features include knife cut position compensation by simple push button control, integral lifting jacks for extrusion head removal and fitting plus a winch operated pivoting bridge assembly to assist maintenance and cleaning operations.

As this is very much a ‘made to order' machine, additional features may be incorporated into the build program to suit individual customer requirements. These may include your specialized type of extrusion head design or flying knife assembly down to incorporating your standard wearing parts.

In order to incorporate the M12 into a high speed manufacturing facility, Powel can also supply fully automatic racking, depalleting, conveying and packing systems designed and engineered to the same high standards that the industry has come to expect from our machinery.

Technical Specifications

  • Output: 100 - 160 concrete roof tiles per minute.
  • Main Drive: 11 - 18.5kW brake motor through 6000Nm helical bevel gearbox.
  • Roller Drive: 15 - 22kW variable speed drive, universal shaft and quick release coupling.
  • Knife Assembly: Double reciprocating knife assembly driven from the main drive shaft. Pneumatically operated vertical knives. Air requirement 10.5 cfm (4.9 Litres/sec) at 120 tiles per minute.
  • Tile Designs: Include: Double Roman, Bold Roll, Double Pantile, Flat Low Pitch etc., standard length 420mm. Special sizes and designs available by request. Approximately 10 tiles per square metre.

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