Powel Automation has been providing robust, cost effective equipment to the concrete roof tile industry since 1971. Supplying and supporting both experienced and new manufacturers. Constantly striving to improve our own and customer products and solutions has helped us become a world leader in innovation for this industry, a fact that is supported by our customers coming back time after time to provide solutions to enable them to achieve their opportunities.

We are a truly international business with customers all over the world. Our broad customer base includes manufacturers using simple low volume extrusion machines to manufacturers that have been supplied full turn key high volume production facilities. You can be confident in the knowledge that Powel provide full back-up through design, installation and production using reliable, experienced technicians and product specialists.

We strive to make our machines both simple to operate and simple to maintain to ensure that whether you are making tiles in England or Africa, you can guarantee that a Powel machine will be the durable product for you. For example if you are in a developing or third world country and are looking to build low cost housing or manufacture your own tiles as a business opportunity then why not take a look at our equipment.

Special product design is an area where Powel can help manufacturers achieve world class designs both in concrete tiles and plastic accessories. We are able to improve existing products and also develop new concepts through to production using the latest 3D CAD modelling technology.

Powel Automation take pride in both the products and services provided. When you work with us you can be confident that your requirements will be complete to a high quality and cost effective conclusion.

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