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Our innovative Design Office utilises the latest software packages for Solid Modelling and 2-D draughting. We can quickly create exciting conceptual visual images of tiles, moulds, machines, factory layouts etc. for discussion and customer approval.

The models can be downloaded to specialists for rapid prototyping and to toolmakers for creating CNC programs thus enabling reduced lead times.

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How can our design department help you?

Prototype Tooling for New Products

We can take clients ideas and turn them into 3D computer models. Once the client has approved the model the computer file can be used to create rapid prototype solid models and patterns for physical review. When the design is agreed prototype soft tooling can be produced, fitted to the clients machine and used to produce actual products

Special Purpose Machinery

All of our machinery is custom built and we can therefore, incorporate our client’s requests and preferences into equipment design. This may include roll in roll out extrusion heads, servo type knife assemblies, winch operated ‘drawbridge’ frames to provide easy access for maintenance and cleaning, remote positional compensation facilities for knife cutting and headlock applicators which enable the tiles to be used on a very low pitch roof.

Product Design

We work with our clients to develop their product ideas. Our clients benefit from our experience to add to the process to ensure that the products designed not only are aesthetically pleasing but mechanically suitable for form, fit and function.

Specialist High Quality Tooling

To support our robust high quality machines we are able to supply high quality hard wearing tooling to produce quality concrete roof tiles. The materials we use for our tooling provide cost effective tool life. Our patented extrusion head enables the machine setter to set the extrusion Head to give the correct tile profile more speedily and accurately.

Pallet and Mould Design

Experience in pallet/mould design over the years puts Powel at the forefront in this speciality. We use our 3D modelling techniques to design innovative, robust products which incorporate intricate features used as both product features and to aid the pallets/moulds through the manufacturing process.
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