TM Series Extrusion Machines
  4-25 tiles per minute output

  Low investment - high quality

  Robust Design & Construction

  Simple Operation and Maintenance

The TM series of roof tile machines from POWEL Automation Ltd. enable the profitable manufacture of high quality extruded concrete roof tiles at low to medium production levels. The TM series has a production range from 1,000 to 12,000 tiles per eight-hour shift.

Aluminium pallets (moulds) which have been coated with a thin film of mould release oil are consecutively indexed through the machine by a hydraulic cylinder. The pallet enters the head of the machine where concrete is extruded between the pallet and a Roller and Slipper Assembly, forming the desired tile profile.

The wet tiles, on their pallets, arrive at a Knife Assembly where they are cut to the correct length. These tiles may either accumulate on the Outfeed Rails of the machine or pass onto a conveyor for further processing, prior to being removed for curing.

All the machines are built to the same high quality engineering standards as our higher output range. They are available for the production of Ridge, Rake and other special shapes as well as standard tiles in two main sizes. They are the ideal choice for both the first time tile manufacturer and established manufacturers who need pilot plants or low production of special tile shapes.

From the fully automatic MAJOR to the manually fed and controlled MINOR there is the ideal machine for every low to medium output application.

The main features of the TM Series are shown below.
Features Major Midi Minor Midi (R) Minor (R)
Tile Type Std Std Std Ridge Ridge
Rated output per hour 1500 600 250 600 250
Conveyor feed for pallets X        
Manual loading of pallets   X X X X
Fully automatic repeat cycle X        
Push button automatic single cycle   X   X  
Hydraulic lever control     X   X
Automatic oil spray X X   X  
Automatic tile knife cut X X   X  
Manual tile knife cut (pneumatic optional)     X   X
Automatic hopper box level control switch X X   X  
Tungsten carbide pallet runners X X   X  
Connected power 18.5kW 11kW 4kW 11kW 4kW

Many different tile designs can be made on the TM Series machines. They include:
  • Double Roman
  • Double Pantile
  • Angle Ridge
  • Double Bold Roll
  • Flat Single / Shingle
  • Segmental Ridge
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